Todo Es Nada


Paul Renner



by Mariangela Calisti and Valerio Dehò



27th MAY - 30th SEPTEMBER 2017

Opening 26th MAY 2017  

 7.00 pm

During the period of the exhibition culinary performances will be proposed by theme and reservation, by Paul Renner and international chefs



Palazzo Bottigella Gandini, the site of  Supernova Gallery, is where Paul Renner has chosen to stage his great exhibition TODO ES NADA, an atemporal space where history, myth, alchemy, esotericism, pataphysics and the contemporary merge, urging us to ask ourselves how many dimensions we live, see and reason in.   


How to define the Austrian artist Paul Renner, international figure and assistant to Arnulf Rainer and Hermann Nitsch since the 1970s?  

A person who works completely outside the box, eccentric, anarchic, free from any constriction, “the freest spirit that has ever existed”, as was once said of the Marquis De Sade, one of the figures whose philosophy has inspired the artist’s works. 

It is only when we include Alfred Jarry and his pataphysical beliefs, the philosopher Nietzsche, the Decadence of Huysmans, Wilde and D'Annunzio, the Fluxus artistic movement and the anarchic gardener-poets Medlar Lucan & Durian Gray, founding members along with Paul Renner of “Hell Fire Touring Club”, that we are able to grasp the works of Paul Renner.

He perceives and transforms into art a fusion between Eros and Thanatos, giving rise to a complex vision of the world in the process of dissipation, creating completely novel pieces within the framework of contemporary art. His is of a hot-blooded, highly material, cruelly Byzantine art, with a profusion of gloomy colours, of golds and purples.


The pleasing quality and extraordinary beauty of his works deliver to the viewer an expression of highly contemporary decadence, charged at times with a brutality inherent in the human soul.   

In this respect the use of food, with its evolutionary nature and its echoes of birth, degradation, death and new life, becomes both medium and representation in a universal cycle of repetition. 

The works of Paul Renner are explosive, raw and intense, charged with an alchemical vision of the world. The unusual combinations of pigments, pine resin, beeswax, food colouring, pigskin leather, blood, spices, gold and bitumen merge into the iconography of dreamlike images, architectures, imaginary animals, objects and portraits. 

His banquets are actual culinary performances which leave nothing to chance. Everything is thought out and designed in great detail, to produce a ritual that leads to an apotheosis of the senses. The “Cockaigne Trees” (alberi della cuccagna), designed as gigantic edible installations fraught with meaning, captivate the viewer in archaic rituals of symbolic significance. 

Renner’s key concept is the total work of art – Gesamtkunstwerk – in which philosophy, literature, science, alchemy, nature and wonder are brought into play, and the All and the Essential become Nothing: TODO ES NADA. 


The single work includes:

 ⁃The Cockaigne (Cuccagna)

⁃ The A Rebours Hall 

⁃ The Hall of Artifice 

⁃ The Hall of Melancholy

⁃ The Fire Hall 

⁃ The Amber Room Hall 

⁃ The Organ Hall 

⁃ The Fountain Hall 

⁃ The Pataphysics Hall 

⁃ The Hell Fire Touring Club Corridor 

⁃ The Banqueting Hall

 ⁃ The Library Hall 

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